'Chewing the fat'...

...over brunch. Which consisted of cappuccino's and this beautiful maple pecan twist Danish pastry. It's been a while, it didn't disappoint!

My fella booked the day off work today to attend an appointment in town first thing, combined with a list of other errands to run. Brunch was a welcome sit-down and a chance to further discuss our visitor last night from the CBS (central bureau of statistics) on behalf of the local council. In a nutshell: The outskirts of our city has been undergoing a large amount of regeneration in the past year or two. An unbelievable number of homes have been demolished adjacent to our apartment block in a short space of time, with new swanky town houses & apartments springing up in their place immediately. A shopping mall will also be built here this Summer. Planning permission has been granted for a hotel and number of offices to the rear of our home, so basically we're surrounded by new developments! We're residing in one of the only four remaining jaded apartment blocks from the 50's.

So the possible positive news for the hopefully near future is that our home is also to be demolished! Either the developers will pay us only what we paid for the property, so no profit (but we couldn't care less at this point, we just want to get it off our hands) or another possibility is a re-housing scheme. We gave a list of neighbourhoods in and around the city of Utrecht that we wish to move to for my other half to be closer to work, now we just keep our fingers crossed! I think we're long overdue a bit of good luck :)

P.S. You'll be pleased to hear that normal blip service will hopefully resume from here, as the splitting head has finally lifted today, on day 5! Woop. Happy weekend everybody :)

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