Buddy Yamaha

By richie_rollover

If it ain't broke...

Ok, so I'm using a really similar shot to yesterday. I promise this is the last shot for a while centred around gin or taken of something sitting on a piece of glass on the base of the Lavalamp.

Last night was meant to be a night of cocktails and Karaoke with a load of friends round to get drunk and play singstar on the Playstation. Unfortunately due to a variety of reasons most cancelled and only one person actually turned up. Oh well, it was good to see her and in a way I'm thankful as it meant I drank a hell of a lot less than I otherwise would have. In fact I stuck to two gin cocktails all night. This was the second of them made and photographed at about twenty past midnight.

The main benefit was that I woke up this morning fresh as a daisy and ready to get some work done only for the nightmare to begin. I switched on the computer and tried to connect it only to find that my machine had somehow lost the password for my broadband account. No problem I thought I'll just give my provider a call and get the password. I called a friend and got him to get me the phone number and gave them a bell. After being bounced around about ten seperate numbers, many of them premium rate, I established that since NTL Freedom, my provider has been bought out by Virgin and they no longer supply a support line on a Sunday. The worst part is that every other Virgin Internet department has a support line opened today except the old NTL Freedom service.

I know this is partly my fault as I should have the password handy just in case, but I signed up to this package 2 years ago in the old house and I'm not sure where the details are since the move although I suspect they are in a box in the attic somewhere. It really shouldn't be a problem though as the one time I have needed my password before I just called the support line and had it within a few minutes.

As a result I've had to resort to dial-up and the waiting times are just painful.

Anyway, my contract was up for renewal this month and if thios is the level of customer support Virgin will be delivering then they can forget it. If anyone can recommend any good, reasonably priced, DSL connection packages (we don't have cable out here in Queensferry yet) who, most importantly, provide customer support on a Sunday I'd be most grateful.

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