in His image

By freddy


Airport Marriott, San Francisco, CA

For five years strong, I have been part of a Christian campus ministry called Epic Movement. Every year, people part of this ministry from different schools get together for conferences. I've been to the west coast conference every year so far. It's awesome to see and hear about what God has been doing in and through the lives of people from different college campuses in the U.S.

This year's theme was called Awaken. As Christians, we need to be awakened to the needs of others around us; especially their spiritual need for Jesus Christ. If we, who claim to have the light, just keep it to ourselves, did we really have the light to begin with? Jesus said that the purpose of a light is so that it can be put on a stand so that everyone in the house can see (Matthew 5:15). I want to bring the light of Jesus Christ to those living in darkness.

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