Recovery time

I'm way behind with Blip. It's actually Wednesday afternoon as I post this, and catching up will have to wait until later, since I'm heading out soon to go to see WALL-E.

Writing like this about days gone by is tricky, and I always find it a bit confusing and can't decide whether to mention what I've done since the time of the blip I'm actually posting or not ... if you know what I mean. Let's stick to Sunday, shall we?

After last night's dinner get-together, there was an element of suffering involved. Sore heads, tiredness, sleepiness and so on. The German Grand Prix got watched somehow, and I've a vague recollection of something else of TV, but most of the day slipped by lazily with a fair bit of snoring included.

At least I'm catching up now (Wednesday, me writing from the future), but I can't stay. I've back-blipped Saturday. I'll bring things up to date later this evening.

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