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By dublinshooter

Short-lived Summer, but Undampened Spirits

I might have known I was tempting fate yesterday by thinking the summery weather would last. At this rate the only ones who'll be happy with what's happening this year will be the meteorologists when they roll out all the worst-ever statistics. After the glorious warm sunshine during the day, the clouds made an unwelcome return, and I woke to heavy rain this morning which didn't let up until 2.00 pm or so.

But I'm not as depressed or disappointed about it as I might have been, because I've pushed some pleasant internet buttons and have booked operatic performances in Zürich for May next year. I travel abroad each year with the Music Group I'm part of. We were in Budapest this year, and before that it's been Dresden & Leipzig, Munich, Prague, Vienna, Berlin, and Paris. One of the guys is a terrific organiser and an inveterate panicker when it comes to booking for the events we go to. We were no sooner back from Budapest than he began researching destinations for 2008. Ten days ago he circulated info which strongly suggested that Zürich was the place with the best selection of operatic and orchestral performances around the beginning of May, which has become our traditional travel time. He reminded us during the week that online booking for the operas opened today, and I got phone messages from him first thing this morning (it was the phone more than the rain that woke me) to say that very few seats were available and urging us to book as quickly as possible.

So I logged on, made my choices, picked my seats and got email confirmation at 10.13 am. So that's it, it's official: we're going to Zürich next year on our music trip. I've booked for Boris Gudonov on Saturday 3rd May and for Rigoletto and The Italian Girl in Algiers on Sunday the 4th. I also plan on going to a performance of Messiaen's extraordinary Turangalîla Symphony on Tuesday the 6th. I'll book flights later, travelling out on Thursday 1st and returning on Wednesday 7th May.

So, sorry, nasty Mr Weather, even your worst isn't enough to dampen my spirits today!

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