Marking Time

By Libra

Rufus- rescue greyhound

While walking along the Allan Water river this afternoon we met Rufus a rescue greyhound.

His owner tells me that there are thousands of greyhounds looking for homes and with the economic squeeze less people are prepared to take one on. This is a shame because greyhounds make excellent pets once their racing days are over.

The Retired Greyhound Trust say:

"Around 8,000 greyhounds retire from racing each year, most between the ages of three and five. This means that after their racing careers, greyhounds have around seven to ten good years left in them and need to find homes to enjoy a happy life.
After retirement, greyhounds undergo a transformation. They change from being the fastest breed of dog to 'couch potatoes'. Retired greyhounds are peaceful and calm and need just two 20 minutes walks a day."

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