An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


Big Bleak

First of all, thank you so much for your birthday wishes on my blip yesterday, I appreciate them so much and once again I am SO, SO sorry at not getting any time to comment! I swear since 2012 started, some Time Thief is stealing not just minutes but hours from me!!

I was awake fairly early and surprisingly bright this morning. We had planned to spend most of the day at the new house but once again that time thief was at work and it was nearly 3pm by the time we got there!! The drive up was wonderful, bright blue skies and sunshine and watching the stunning scenery slip past made me all the more desperate to get the move over and done with.

Building work plans should be in to the Council's planning dept this week so hopefully we will get the building warrant fairly soon and the work can begin. Shouldn't take long to complete....2 weeks max and after that we can finally move in! :-)))

Right, I am stopping rabbiting now as it's nearly midnight and this will turn into a back blip if I'm not careful.

:-)) xx

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