An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Roses are red...

Violets are blue,
I'm hobbling about
And it's all my own fault!

Sorry about the lack of rhyme...couldn't be a*sed decided to go down the free verse route instead.

Feeling rather p*ssed off glum at the moment as on my way to work this morning, I stepped out of the front door and straight onto some black ice, felt my left foot slide from under me but thankfully managed to remain upright!!! (The damage to the driveway had I landed on it doesn't bear thinking about! :-)

That's the good news.....the bad news is I have jarred my knee and it's bloody a tad sore! Now this is the knee I had operated on in 2010 and have to be very careful with, and I am....usually, but it was a lovely morning, the sky was blue and the light bright and I was so busy thinking about blip opportunities, I momentarily forgot to check for slippy bits!!!

So it's official...blipping is good for your health but can also be bad!!!

On the plus side, I have spent the day with my feet up, taking co-dydramol and ibuprofen and feeling immensely sleepy! (no change with the latter bit! ;-))

Had to open the door to get Alan in from school and thankfully it felt a bit better....not quite so tender. Took my chance to grab todays of the dozen red roses that was part of my birthday pressie from David. Bearing in mind I was sat at an odd angle on a perching stool snapping haphazardly, I am quite pleased with the result :-)) Large

Grandpa coming for tea tonight (Alan's grandpa, not mine!! LOL) so poor D's going to have to cook it. Chicken pasta bake, garlic bread and salad though so not too much trouble.

In even better news, I think we have found a holiday house in France!!! Woo hoo!!! D emailed me the link saying THIS IS PERFECT! It is, I replied, and we looked at it ages ago but you rejected it because the pool was too shallow for Alan!!!! Now, in view of our difficulties in finding a house, the pool is perfect...and it's heated! :-))) Just got to run it past the other part of our holiay party (D's sis and her family) and we can get booked!

Would have a little Chablis to celebrate but best not after all these knowing what I might do!

Happy Monday Peeps! :-)) xx

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