By trisharooni

Bridge Over Driveway

I drove around for a while today, trying to find this replica bridge, which I've photographed before.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened during the Depression and for most Australians symbolised the promise and strength of a great Australian future.
At the time it was important not only for Sydneysiders, but all Australians, and many travelled thousands of miles to be at the opening.  
The population of Australia was 6.5 million at the time and 1 million attended the opening of the bridge.

I love the eccentric fervour that resulted in structures such as this.
People were so proud that they incorporated the bridge into their gardens or houses, in one way or another. Indeed, my own garden in Blackheath once had a white cement harbour bridge extending from a grotto and fernery.

This is one of very few such structures left, and haven't they done a grand job!
How your heart would swell when you drove your car under this after a hard day at the office.
(Tho I think they might trim the hedge and expose the left pylon.)

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