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Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Today I didn't have much time for blipping. However I had factored that in. I needed to get a new lamp for the dinning room and we had a sustainability meeting* (in said dinning room), so I decided to combine the two and blip an energy efficient light bulb/lamp.

I tried several shots and I'm not really happy with them, but this is the best and most original of the set. I can't say it's really that exciting but here it is. It's not a shot of the new lamp which is a fun shape but now in situ but regular ones I have as spares in the unlikely event that any fail (which they never seem to).

Actually the new GE lamp that I got for the dinning room is noticeably better in colour that previous ones, which themselves are better than the ones I bought only a few years ago. I know that people whine about them but they are actually not that bad these days.

In the kitchen we have a mix of halogen and LEDs, but I've decided it's now worth replacing the halogens with LEDs as they are now bright enough and cheap enough to make it worth while. That only leaves a few halogens left in awkward places where a cfl or LED won't fit.

* Overton SeLF

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