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By ajt

Upclose to an AMD64

Yesterday my desktop computer died. I'm not 100% sure what has given up, it's either the power supply or the motherboard. My guess is that it's the power supply that has given up after 7 years of pretty heavy use.

This evening after making dinner I decided I'd take the power supply unit out and see if I can borrow one to test that the motherboard is okay, in which case I can buy or beg a new power supply so I can keep my poor old desktop out of landfill.

I gave the innards a quick vacuum to remove most of the dust and I thought the innards may make good blip if shot from the right angle. You are looking mostly at the heat-sink on the AMD64 processor at the core of the computer, the fan is just visible on top and to the right across the background is the back side of a cheap ATI graphics card.

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