Foot Print

Another busy day and another two houses thermally imaged.

On my return I had a look at our house, interestingly our roof is 4C cooler than the neighbour's roof (we're a semi) and the peacocks prefer their side of the roof to ours when they sleep there... To answer an earlier question the feathers insulate most of their body, but their faces show up as a hot spot against a cold roof and even colder sky.

Today's thermal image is the thermal print of my right foot onto a 18mm thick timber floor board. Basically I took my sock off and left my foot on the floor for about 30 seconds to heat it up and then took the picture as soon as I removed it. I've cropped the picture but the rest of the floor is about 12C, the centre spot where the marked is about 20C and the hottest spot is 24C.

If you are curious, using a good quality thermal imaging camera, luck and someone who is slowly uses a keypad you could probably work out their PIN.

(back blipped - the following one is a thermal imaging too).

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