A place in time

By Verbosa

Ooh, you are awful, but I like you!

Well, I do hope you realise the sacrifice that I have made for you fellow Blippers today?

I thought a close-up of this cheerfully coloured wrapper, showing a little of the contents might be quite uplifting for my snap of today.

Anyway, I tried it both with and without flash and figured that the addition of the flash seemed to bring out the full "warmth" and "character" of the confectionery itself to a pleasing degree.

Of course, once I'd taken just the one strip out of the packet (for the purposes of the photo shoot only, you understand) and after the snaps were taken, well..it had got the air to it and I felt I just HAD to eat it rather than waste it. Mind you, I ate a small handful of pistachios on the side to lower the GL (glycaemic load) of my indulgence, so that made it OK then!

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