By 42

Ogres are like Onions ...

... layers :-)

My mum and her friend are up for the weekend and we had a nice day today - a morning in the garden, cutting, mowing, sweeping, weeding & trimming and afternoon of walking and an evening of stuffing our faces!

I spotted this bug on a leaf after cutting the massive conifer hedge in the back garden. Any opportunity to use my f1.8. That was almost today's blip, but there will be more bugs on leaves I think.

This afternoon we went on a walk across the Forth. We started at the pier in South Queensferry, walked up to Dalmeny station, took the train across to North Queensferry and then walked through North Queensferry and back across the Forth road bridge. Although the weather was very hazy the view across to the rail bridge and watching the little sailing boats sail under the bridge was cool

The hazy weather though made the view west towards Blackness Castle even more surreal.

Sorry I've not had time to comment as much as I'd like ... tomorrow.

- - - - -

LOTD: Looks like it was hazy and foggy down in Dunbar (Matt989's blip today) too!

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