An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


My apologies for the complete lack of creativity in this blip but when you understand the humiliation I endured in order to bring it to you, I am sure your forgiveness shall be forthcoming!

Really had no clue what to blip for my 300th but when I saw the snow was still lying this morning it seemed too good a chance to pass up.

I nice snowy 300 I first thought. Snow wasn't thick enough on the grass so that was quickly dismissed. Then I spotted it! The car windscreen! Covered in the white stuff! Perfect!

Well as most (some) of you know, I have a Renault Grande Espace and being of the short arse vertically challenged variety I cannot reach the windscreen. But I am nothing, if not nuts resourceful and after collecting a small Ikea (other makes are available) box from Alan's room, stood on it, carefully positioned myself leaning over the bonnet with index finger poised and wrote 300 in the lovely snow. Perfect!!!

Straightened up, got off box, round to front of the car ignoring the damp feeling what was gradually seeping through my fleece, tshirt and bra ( due to squishing my lady bits into the bonnet as I leaned over!!!) got into position, camera on, manual selected, fiddle fiddle....eye to eye cup, finger on button......and just as I made double sure I was happy with the angle of the shot, the whole pile of bloody snow, weakened by my numerals, slid down the windscreen obliterating my blip!!!

Darn it I said. Morning shouted Bill from across the road. Bugger I thought!

So, here you have it, my 300th blip brought to you courtesy of the garden table.

Rushing out at the mo to take Alan to Yorkhill to discuss the possibility of him getting Botox injections in his very tight hamstring muscle. Hoping to persuade the consultant to shoot some into my frown lines too ;-)))

Have decided to keep the mushy stuff for my 365 Blip but i hope you all know how much I appreciate every comment, heart, and star you give me. You are all amazing and I am so glad to be part of this great place that allows me to share my humiliations with you on a daily basis!

Have a great weekend my lovelies xxx

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