An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Icy Drip....

Big drip

I swear my neighbours must think I am mad! Creeping about outside with my camera, standing in the strangest positions, at strange times of the day, photographing the strangest things!!!

If the woman at no 7 is still talking to me, it will be a minor miracle because this photo of frozen drops was taken from the small tree that edges her garden and my driveway, and to the curious onlooker, my attempts to capture today's blip must surely have looked as though I was attempting to camouflage myself in this little tree (ambitious endeavour with my hair. Still could have passed it off as a bird's nest!) whilst attempting to take photos straight in her living room window!!!

Nothing much to report today and nothing of note happening this evening so I will save you from any more of my ramblings for the time being except to say a HUGE thank you for all your lovely hearts, stars and comments on yesterday's blip It has become my 3rd highest rated blip!! It was the first time I had taken pics fully manual and I was really pleased with the result. No idea what I did to achieve them though so doubtful they will ever be repeated! :-))

This is the start of my weekend so might force myself to have a G&T in a short while......bloody hell, just noticed it's snowing!!! Arrrhhgggggg!!!

Happy Thursday Peeps :-)) xx

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