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By Damnonii

Happy Birthday Rabbie...

To a Mountain Daisy - Robert Burns April 1786

Wee, modest crimson-tipped flow'r,
Thou's met me in an evil hour;
For I maun crush amang the stoure
Thy slender stem:
To spare thee now is past my pow'r,
Thou bonnie gem.

Read the full poem HERE

You've got to love a bit of Burns. Silver tongued devil! No wonder he charmed all the women....I get giddy just reading his words!

Well , to quote Rabbie again, "the best laid schemes (plans) o' mice an' men gang aft agley" is very fitting for me today as our anticipated trip to visit Alan's new school had to be postponed. After a night of coughing, Alan woke up with a bad cold and has been off school! Have managed to re-schedule the visit for 3rd Feb!

So a day at home pandering to the whims of an ill male child! Actually I am being very unfair as even with a crusty nose and feeling miserable, he has still managed to smile lovingly at me and be no bother at all. If his father is reading this he could do well to follow his son's example when he has a slight sniffle is on his deathbed with man flu!! ;-)))

Was really stuck for a blip but managed to sneak outside after lunch and in the gloom spotted this little lonesome daisy and couldn't resist. Like yesterday's blip, this is another little flower that holds sunlight at its heart and fills me with anticipation of the summer to come :-)) Roll on April!!!

Have to dash the haggis to skin and the neeps to a wee dram awaits me....rude to keep it waiting ;-))

Happy Burns Day blip pals......almost the weekend and a another wee bit of BURNS to see us through :-)) xx

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