Scoots, Shoots & Leaves

By TerriG

Some face time with Ms. Z

Laurie has been doing family child care for many years. She starts a cohort of four infants when they're between 3 and 9 months old and they stay together for three years. She's created something pretty special. The children have a lot of freedom to explore who they are, and we get to watch them become. Laurie does all the hard work, and I come in and play with them, read to them and make funny noises, so they think I'm terrific! And when I've had my fill, I retreat to my little studio out back for some quiet time.

This is Laurie with Ms. Z, whose older sister was in the last cohort. They came out to my studio to visit this morning. Ms. Z wasn't too keen on having Liza lick her toes. Liza loves the babies and can hardly contain herself when she's with them.

See slideshow for more photos of our visit.

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