Probably a shot of a Jnr

By Hollowspy

Day 29: Black and White

Very tired today....Mrs H's surprise gathering was ace and it was really good to see close friends out of the blue like that. However, me and my best man did stay up till about 2am playing GT5 on the PS3.

Another of them, Matt, was planning to go out in the Peaks whilst his other half was running in a fell race (utter, utter madness!!!!), so I met up with him at about 11:oo. Boy was it chilly! When I got back, my big toe on the right foot was completely white - hopefully not a re-occurrence of the Raynaud's I had a few years ago :(

I was antipicating shooting lots of the scenery, as there was plenty of snow about, but instead took quite a few shots of Matt instead. I much prefer portrait stuff and find people much easier to shoot than landscapes. In the end I have deliberated quite a bit about which one to choose for today's B&W as it turns out he's a good model :) Was a bit cold so went home soon after!


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