Probably a shot of a Jnr

By Hollowspy

Day 30: Self-Portrait

I am a day out of whack with some of the other challengers as I was working off the list from the website that I had downloaded onto my iPad. So - today it the last day for me!!!!!!! :-D

OK, so I am not really asleep here as my right hand is on the mouse for a tethered capture, but boy, this 30 day challenge has exausted me considerably - I feel like this.

Firstly, neet - you have generated a super month for many of us with this challenge - thanks. I've not done anything like this before and it has made me think a LOT about various aspects of photography and I do feel like I have learnt/developed to some degree - extremely worthwhile. Highly recommended to anyone else thinking of doing it.

Secondly - thanks to all my subscribers for all your lovely comments, ratings and stars for the better shots I have made in January (tough choice, but this one is my fave). It has made the stressful hours and hours time spent shooting and blipping them all totally worth it. I love each and every one of you Blippeeps ;)

As you can also see from the shot - today is my birthday (no prizes for guessing the age!) and Mrs H has made an absolutely fabulous cake - what a superstar! I am off to eat it all have a small piece and try to stay awake for at least one free hour on my birthday. I will catch up with journals when I am 38 and 1 day old.


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