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By Hollowspy

Going Dark

I am 'going dark' for a while.

- I am having work/life balance problems.
- I need to spend more time with Mrs H and the girls.
- Most concerning for me, my health has been deteriorating for the last 4 weeks and it feel like the PVFS symptoms are returning.

- I am finding time for my family.
- I am going to get my eating and sleep patterns sorted.
- I am going to try and get some exercise sorted.
- I am going to find time to read every day.

Several things are being sacrificed.....the hours of Blipping is one of them :'-(
I am not happy about this as I LOVE this place and the wonderful people I have 'met', but I have perspective on what needs doing, it's important.

I am going to still Blip when I can as the photography is part of my life balance equation, and will certainly be looking though ALL your journals every day (far too inspirational to not check them out, not missing out on them!), but cutting out the comments until I sort out some of the above.

Plus 'going dark' makes me sound like Jack Bauer and that's just cool :)

in my best Arnie voice........I'll be back

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