Journey Through Time

By Sue


Actually, I don't remember doing this at all. But this is a silhouette cut out portrait of my mom, my dad and me. Judging by my hair style, I think this was done about 1951(ish).

A dreary winter day so I was searching the house for something of interest. Don't know how interesting this is, but there you go. I probably should have done this tomorrow as that will be my dad's birthday. He died at age 57 so I have a hard time imagining what he would have been like as an elderly man in his 90's.

So, I did a project for my aunt, scanning old photos onto my computer, and then I went through my entire subscription list on blipfoto, voted for a few on the CCC site, and now my eyeballs feel dry and itchy. Time to stay off of the computer for awhile. Found out that when humans work on computers, do reading and watch TV, we often forget to blink. So...if you are reading this...BLINK, for God's sake, blink. Keep those eyes moist and clean.

Have a good day Blippers. See ya later.

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