Journey Through Time

By Sue

Change of Plan

Cleaning up a broken tree limb wasn't on the agenda today, but Mother Nature had other ideas. Apparently the steady rain was too much for this limb to handle and probably the weight of the limb created a 'breaking point' which landed it in our yard. It temporarily took the suet feeder out of commission, but Bill fixed it and it is back in place. The Flicker came around and was quite miffed to find no food! Hope he is happy now.

So, guess this rainy day blip will be it for today. Bill's brother will be bringing over the chain saw tomorrow as that is the only way that big limb will be cut up. You can't really see it very well, but that mound of dirt is the big divot that the limb caused when it hit. None of us heard this at all, and we are grateful the tree is situated so that no limbs will hit our house. At least it looks like that to me. Gads, this puppy would have gone right through the roof! eeeeeeek. Whew, okay, panic attack over with.

Hope all is well and no tree limbs are falling in your yard. See ya!

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