Journey Through Time

By Sue

Trip to the Garden Nursery

After my doctor's appointment this morning I stopped at Shorty's Nursery to see if there was anything pretty to photograph. They did have a nice assortment of helleborus plants and I love the variety that they have now with this plant. It's not your grandmother's helleborus anymore. But, Shorty's has two resident cats, a mother and a daughter and this is the daughter, but I can't remember her name. I had planned on putting up the flower photos, but look at this face! She is almost smiling at me. She wanted to be loved on and she is quite friendly, so I petted her and she followed me around for awhile until she got bored of that, I guess. Of course the other images I liked are on my Flickr page. Take a quick look if you have time.

Bill's brother came over while I was at my appointment and they made quick work of the limb that fell yesterday. I never got to see the chain saw action. Oh well.

Today is my Dad's birthday. He was a good guy. Everybody liked my dad. It is also Debbi's birthday. Her tulip is just lovely. Everybody likes Debbi, she's a good gal!

Catch ya later, my friends. Have a good day.

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