Journey Through Time

By Sue


I don't know if I have blipped these before or not, (if so, I'm sorry because here they are again) but these prints are a treasured family least to me. My mother's brother somehow or another got these prints when he was in WWII. He fought in N. Africa and Italy and these prints have a marking on them saying they were printed in Italy, I believe. Anyway, he gave them to my mom and my mom had them framed and hanging in every house and apartment we ever lived in, so when I inherited them, up they went on my wall. I finally had them re-framed and matted some years back, which gave them new life. I've always liked these macaws and thought, since they came from "Africa" that these birds lived there. Now I know these birds would be in S. America, as they are a "New World" bird, and that tropical Congo scenery that I fantasized about as a child, is actually Amazonian in nature.

Today has been steady Pacific Northwest rain, and actually, it's much needed after that long dry spell we had.

We took our "change jar" to the bank today to see how much money we had saved over the course of 4 or 5 years or so. Around that time period somebody got into our house and stole all of my rings, and Bill's ring and also took the change that had nearly filled our change jar at that time. We started over filling the container and it's taken all this time to get it nearly filled again. My jaw dropped a foot when I saw how much it came to today. $74.51! Over $30 in dimes alone. Save your change! It probably took us longer as we didn't contribute to the change jar as faithfully as we should have and once in a while it got raided by us...but, wow...nice surprise.

Hope all is well, my friends. Catch ya later....

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