The Dead Pixel Journals

By 0xFF

First Light

First chance tonight to try my newly modified webcam! There's a lot of settings now, what with FPS, shutter speed, long exposure, gain, amp-on/off.. To be honest, I didn't have a clue what I was doing, just clicking blindly, changing values...
It seems to work, but the final image is very noisy, so think I need to sit down and read how this sensitive imager is supposed to be used.
The main thing is, it works... I could focus on the belt stars of Orion, M45, which it wasn't able to do before, and also the autoguiding software is working a treat!

Other than that I'm well pleased it worked first time, even the DSLR piggybacked worked (until someone knocked it out of focus!!!)....

This image was a total of 345 frames, taken @ 5fps, the shutter was set to 1/100sec, and gain was set to 0 (if anyone is interested). Stacked in Registax. Imaged with a C6 SCT telescope at f/8 (fl = 1500mm), autoguided with Guidedog, and captured with wxAstroCapture software.
The webcam has been modified to SC1.5 and the CCD has been replaced with a more sensitive BW sensor, air cooled, with no IR filter attached.

Exif is from the Canon dark frame used to even out the noise (since I forgot to take one with the webcam!)

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