The Dead Pixel Journals

By 0xFF


The moon is nearing full, meaning there's not much point trying to image deep sky stuff just now, as the light would just blow it out!
Had a chance to try the B&W webcam before going to work. Fairly happy with the results, although image scale is a bit on the small side. Hopefully get some better seeing conditions (where the atmosphere is clear, with no air currents) so I can use my 5x Powermate to increase the size.
One other thing I'd like to try soon, is imaging it with the colour filters. 3 seperate images with Red/Green/Blue filters for each, stack and combine to output a true colour image. A project for another night, when I have time.
Still got to bag Mars and Saturn, but for the mean time, Jupiter gives me enogh data to process and cut my teeth on.
Although this is one image, it is made up of 81 individual images - the best frames from the original AVI file.

[Techie stuff]
SPC900 SC1.5 B&W LX modded webcam - Air cooled sensor.
6" SCT, 1500mm @ f/8.
Autoguidedon a CG5 (non-goto) with GSPUSB Hub and wxAstroCapture
Captured with wxAstroCapture
5fps, 1/100sec, gain +3 (low framerate = no compression!)
Total of 81 frames stacked and processed in Registax 6.

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