The Dead Pixel Journals

By 0xFF

Jupiter (Again)

Well tonight, it was really clear, so thought I'd have another go at imaging.
Had to use the hairdryer a few times to remove ice from the corrector plate on the SCT, finderscope, and defrost my fingertips. I don't know what temperature it was, but my fingers stuck to the metal tube a few times!!!
This image is flawed! It's too dark, underexposed! On the laptop screen it looks fine, when Im recording, but indoors, its apparent that there isn't enough light hitting the sensor. It took ages to get the image on the tiny sensor as well, as I was using a 2x Barlow to increase image size. I did try a 4x, but that was like trying to find a needle in a haystack!
Balance was another issue. Two scopes on a dual mount bar, as well as the camera, has added excess weight to the mount, so as I was guiding, the whole rig was struggling. Think I'll need to set-up a lot earlier and get the balance sorted out, or drop a scope and try with just one scope...

The final image is a stack of 881 seperate images, processed with registax and thats about it. I'm sure there's more data in the AVIs, so I've been keeping them for a time when I'm more skilled with the software to re-try and see what I can extract from them...!
Imaged with a Celestron C6, and captured with a Philips SNC900 webcam (modified to SC1.5 with amp off). Exposure time was 180secs, 5FPS, @ 1/50sec, gain 30.

*EDIT* There is an artifact around the disk! Probably due to over zealous sharpening in the processing!!!!!

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