The Dead Pixel Journals

By 0xFF

The Moon and Jupiter (Mosaic)

Got a chance to try my latest gadget tonight - a Bahtinov Mask, which looks like a grill and fits over the front of your telescope. the reason for this? To aid in proper focusing. It was very easy to use - even by my standards.
Got to see Venus, Jupiter, the Moon, Mars and Saturn just begining to rise. I like it when there are lots of Planets to look at in the sky :)
mars, by the way is at opposition - meaning it's at it's closest to us, that it will be for some time to come, but it's such a tiny planet, that you really do need aperture fever to get any decent images!!!
Tonight I managed to image Jupiter and the moon - next time I think I will try a Lunar mosaic, as it seems not to difficult to do...(!)
Jupiter just in case you are wondering was not anywhere near the moon, I just cropped it down and popped in in a layer in PS, just for fun :)

[Tech Bit]
Celestron C6, mounted on a CG-5 (Non-Goto) Equatorial Mount. Imaged with a Philips SNC900C SC1.5 modified/cooled webcam. Guiding with GuideDog, and imaged with SharpCap. For the 3 images, the total was 3000 frames, totalling 2.84Gb of image data, stacked, processed in Registax, finally merged in photoshop...

Good night Blipland

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