Frost pattern

A bitterly cold but bright day - just the sort of winter day I love! After scraping all the ice from the car windscreen to take Alex to the station, I thought I might as well make the most of my hard work and took the dogs out for a fairly early walk. The ground was like iron - a pleasant change from the squelching mud - and I strode round stopping every few minutes to admire and photograph the frost patterns.

It wasn't the most spectacular frost, as the air had been too dry for large crystals to form. The best developed crystals were to be found on the boardwalk, which creaked and groaned as I walked along it. The majority has a cover of chicken wire, to stop it becoming slippery in wet weather, and I spotted these crystals on the wires between the wooden slats. Monochrome processing seemed more effective to show the crystal structure . When I looked back in my collection I found that coincidentally I had taken some similar abstract frost photographs exactly two years ago - though fortunately I liked this year's versions much better :)

Otherwise it's been a fairly quiet day. I've had a break from writing my talk and made a start on drawing a very complicated habitat map. A bit more work on the circulatory system with Ben and cooking seemed to have filled the rest of the day. Alex had a good day at college. He has started chainsaw training and spent the afternoon caring for the new born lambs, some of which were put out into the fields for the first time. A bit of a shock for them I should think!

I'm sorry for the lack of comments at the moment - I just don't seem to find much time on college days. Hopefully I might catch up at the weekend...I do really appreciate receiving all your lovely feedback, even when I can't always reciprocate. x

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