The Phoenix Rises

By sheilaM


A day at work that I would rather not repeat, but unfortunately tomorrow is ticking ever closer and it most probably will.

Home to a nice surprise, biggest bro was coming to stay.
I dashed to the library, starting making up the beds for the other visitors coming this weekend and carrying the washing downstairs I decided to take a shortcut. I lay prostrate on the stairs for a couple of minutes feeling sorry for myself, but mostly my pride was hurt. The extra padding I carry (for just such an occurance), came in handy. I wonder what colour my arse will be it will not be blipped you will be glad to know.

The accupunture for my neck was working well until that point.

Ah well, this anaesthetic may help.


Oh and just how fab is the new blip masterpiece, Scotland the world over. Can't wait for the premiere on Sunday.

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