Waterfoot Sunrise

By alasdairb

Not Another Sunrise!

Sorry - another flaming sunrise I am afraid! I got up this morning full of good intent to blip something other than the sunrise. Maybe a shot when we are on the road up to Glasgow this afternoon or a portrait of a bird? However, as a bit of colour appeared on the horizon I just had to go out for a few shots.

As the sunrises get earlier, there will come a point soon when I am still tucked up in bed when the sun appears. Also, as the days grow longer the sunrise will be hidden more and more by Arran as it moves further north. A couple of excuses I suppose for boring you all with yet another sunrise, but I have to make the most of them while they are still about!

Although we seem to be escaping the worst of the extreme cold here on the West Coast, the windchill factor is wild and it feels like Siberia. I day for staying inside I think!

Have a good blip day all!

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