Life, not as we see it.


Q1) Which of these birds got laid most recently?

Strange day: Slept in till 09:30, rushed to breakfast before it finished at 10:00.
Took monorail & got lost. Aided by a visiting Iranian girl's friend via mobile. took mainline train 1 stop - still lost. A one-toothed local proffered help, and was spot on with his directions to the Bird Park.
OMG, what a bird park - 600 species represented, many are free-flying and lots are flying-free. There is a difference. Took 248 photos, but you get only 1.
Resorted to taxi back to hotel and engaged Indian driver for a trip to Batu Caves, Hindu Shrines, tomorrow.
Really started to relax today and enjoyed a beer by the pool at T time.
PS: Last night:- Chinatown KL is disgusting! Filthy and very smelly. Good fun chasing the mouse sized cockroaches - CRUNCH!!!

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