Market Day

Blindingly sunny day today, found myself yet again on top of Hawkhill looking down on the industrious end of Alloa.

I keep forgetting Thursday's market day down there; you can just about make out the half-dozen or so stalls and rolls of stacked carpet down amongst the cars parked up in the sunshine there. I think the last time I was down there they were surreptitiously selling dodgy VHS copies of Top Gun and Nine and a Half Weeks. Not that I ever had either of course. Ahem.

Big news doon-the-toon this week is that it now looks like the Public Toilets will be re-opening, so you can happily detour through this way safe in the knowledge that you'll have a place to pee. Or shit. Or shoot up, depending on which side of the public toilet fence you stand.

In other news, the town regeneration scheme got off to an impressive start, as captured on this short video.

In yet other news, I've just (and I mean 'just') discovered that a two-fingered tap on the Macbook's trackpad in Safari has the same zoom effect that is on the iPad and iPhone. Pretty when it comes to typing up your blip. Has that been there for a while and I've just not noticed it?

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