Not Grumpy

Not so much a desk as an annexe of The National Museum of Scotland, that's what Oor Trev's corner looks like. A trove of thrown away treasures that's always changing, always fascinating to look at it and that's great at keeping your mind from wandering unnecessarily on to other distractions like work and that. And he's only ever really Grumpy when he's not had his tea and morning roll and sausage. At other times he can randomly be any other one of the seven dwarves (especially Sneezy when the grass has just been cut or someone comes in smelling of cat).

Spent a good part of the day trying to break the fancy-schmancy new multi-function-print system we've just got up and running across the workplace. Almost managed it a couple of times too. Does loads of clever stuff like booklet creation, scanning to email and duplexing automatically, all in glorious technicolour and all operated through a very clever PIN system. After I accidentally punched in my ATM PIN it asked how much money I'd like and if I wanted to save the environment by not requesting a receipt (to which I said yes, of course I do) then proceeded to dispense a wad of 20 pound notes direct from the Scottish Government's Further Education Budget account. Think I may have emptied it.

That's not true of course. I had to colour copy the 20 pound note first (got stuck in the document feeder at one point but flew through once I'd steam-ironed it) then trimmed them up neatly on the guillotine.

Anyone need a sub?

PS: Sorry Trev for vandalising your sign.

PPS: I didn't really copy any twenty pound notes (there's some sort of recognition system built in that phones the police and despatches them to your desk within five minutes if you try that).

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