Life's tangled skein

By atp


When I was sixteen and only drank cider as a means to getting drunk quickly, cider had a terrible reputation. It was widely believed to be a drink that was only drunk by sixteen year olds looking for a means to get drunk quickly.

Anyway, times have changed and cider is now a drink for connoisseurs. Cider has vintages, and we care about the casks in which it was matured. Cool! And as a result, it doesn't make us fall over any more.

But what I thought was interesting about this was that it was labelled as "Tesco Finest", yes it shows the name of the company that produces the product. I've seen that occasionally on things like cooked meat, but this is the first time I've seen it on a larger product like this. Is this a new trend - Large Supermarket branding but trading on the reputation of the supplier?

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