My Year in Pictures

By jenny

The eyes have it

As we'd only 6.5 miles planned Sizzles joined us today!

And even though he's got little legs and struggled to keep up in a race against Bill, he did really well and trotted alongside us quite the thing. Though he couldn't get up to the well at the end and was going to have to wait to get home for a drink!

Trip into Cheltenham in the afternoon to try and find some shorts for my trek ... with no luck. What a surprise in February.

Then home via Sophie's to pick up some emergency Chocolate Squidge. I'm full of the cold, am pretty bunged up and feeling a bit sorry for myself so figured that would help enormously - which it has - so much so I'm even contemplating a second slice.

Got a fair bit of work to do now, though I think it may be done bundled up on the sofa in front of the fire!

PS. I found lots of replacement hats last night - and then found the lost hat this morning - in a drawer between my pyjama top and bottoms of all places!!!!

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