Twa Dugs

Two whole years of meanderings and musings all accompanied by skilfully selected photographs. A stunning array of shots through bus windows, plane windows, shots inside bars, close-ups of whisky bottles, whisky glasses, beer glasses and wine glasses. And that's without the desperation blips of bags, pencil sharpeners, and my own shoes. It must say something about me, I guess. Quiet, perfectionist, romantic and Virgo. Ah, but it will soon be April, and if the boat with the hole in its bottom gets rendered watertight once more, we'll be back to boatie blips too. As we say: bet youse can't wait.

But, to today. A Pensioner first. My first animal blip in two whole years - a dug! Enjoy.

Thanks to the blipteam and of course to all you lovely people who occasionally (or regularly - that's you wm50!) stop by and comment. Here comes the weekend.

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