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By ajt

Forest of Daffodils

Today I was organised and took my compact camera with me to work. It's not as good as my DSLR but it fits in my coat pocket.

It was freezing cold as I left the house but so dry that there was barely any frost on anything to snap. There was nothing exciting on my way into work, the sun was trapped behind a cloud bank, it's been pretty earlier this week on my way in.

At lunch time as the office started to cook with the sun catching the side of the building I decided to venture outside. I took half a dozen acceptable pictures, but I rather like these low shots of the daffodils poking out of the grass in front of the office. Our daffs at home are about to burst into bloom, these at work must be planted deeper as they are only a few cm high at the moment.

On my way home I missed the sunset, it had set by the time I arrived in the village so I got a few red glows over trees shots but nothing as good as these daffs.

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