Journey Through Time

By Sue

Sharp-Shinned Hawk

Today was another brilliant blue sky day, lots of sun and a fierce wind blowing in from the east. I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. I went up to the Ridgefield NWR this morning...all by myself. (Hubby is working today) But I wasn't alone...good grief it's like a slow freeway up there, with all the other retiree's and their cameras out to see the wildlife. You have to make sure you don't run into the car in front of you if they decided to stop and keep an eye on the guy behind you so he sees that you want to stop. But we all got along okay and nobody had a fender bender.

My son wanted this one up on blip. Considering this is taken through my sun roof, it's not that bad a picture of this hawk. Right after this photo, he decided to leave. Enough was enough, I guess. I did have to play with this so you could see his face better. The bright sun cast some dark shadows where I didn't want them.

But I loved that this killdeer was right beside the road and I was able to get it's picture. Isn't it pretty? I will add that a killdeer is a bird. He is named after its call...kill-deah kill-deah kill-deah.

And even though there was a heron close to the road, I really liked the way this meditating heron came out. Looks very calming.

As you come around to the end of the auto route, you sort of leave the wet lands and there is a large flat area where one might spot a coyote passing through. I've seen some terrific photos some people have taken that are on the Clark County contest site of coyotes here in the refuge. But those guys have the big lenses. Considering how far away this guy was, I'm happy with this photo.

To leave the refuge you drive over a narrow bridge. There is a train track that you cross over and then you drive on up a big hill and you are back in the small town of Ridgefield. I stopped on the bridge to get a photo of this train that was stopped on the track. It was not blocking the crossing which I am happy for, because when I first saw it, I thought..oh no..I'm gonna be stuck waiting for the train.

Oh and I forgot to add this is a later addition. I drove across the freeway overpass and saw there was a spot with a good view of Mt. St. Helens. So, here she is. The lovely lady that Wy'east and Klickatat were fighting over... She got so irritated with them she blew her top! No, that's not part of the story...LOL The crater is on the north side of the mountain, not visible from this view.

Thanks for joining me on my little trip. I couldn't pass up this beautiful but windy day to visit the refuge. It was not very windy there, however, in case you were wondering!

Have a good day Blippers! See ya later.

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