Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

Cut glass

No time to say much tonight. Busily preparing for tomorrow night's dinner party, arrangements for which have been thrown into confusion by last-minute word from one of the guests that his partner's cousin has suddenly died and they must go down to be with the family.

I got a lot of cleaning and tidying done last night (well, mostly into the early hours of this morning, to be honest), during which I took the opportunity of clearing out lots of accumulated knick knacks. It wasn't just clearing out, though. I also came across some stuff which I'd forgotten about, including a couple of these colour-changing Christmas lights. I dropped one of them (sort of a three-dimensional star or maybe snowflake) into a glass vase which in turn was inside a cut-glass bowl and pointed the camera at the combination. (I've blipped its companion before.)

I won't say that this will be a centre piece on the table tomorrow night, but it will certainly feature in the room somewhere.

One final point: It's most unusual for me to post anything other than a landscape format blip. Generally speaking I find Blipfoto limitations with image dimensions don't really suit portrait format. This one just wouldn't have worked any other way.

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