The second half of life..

By twigs

Curlews - or are they Godwits??

An extremely lazy day - I can't believe how tired I am after just 4 full days back at work!

Began the day with a long lie-in then relaxed into some yoga, a long breakfast and a lot of sitting and enjoying the surroundings. Not quite the peaceful Pakawau I'm used to (heaps of people here for the long weekend) but any day here is a good day and I'm just happy to be here again :)

Actually, my whole day was one long relaxation now I come to think about it! A few small shuffles along the beach (didn't last too long as the sand flies were out in force!), did a bit of people watching and a little bird watching too.

Later in the afternoon I took a drive up towards Puponga where I spotted these curlews wading on the high tide. At least, I thought they were curlews but now I've looked at other images to compare I see that these guys' beaks are curved upwards and curlews curve downwards. I think they may be Godwits who I know collect here ready for migration. I don't think I've ever seen birds like these before - at least, not that I remember - so they kind of had to be my blip today.

Tomorrow - depending on the weather - I'm planning on a long drive around the Weshaven Inlet over to the West Coast. I'm not so keen to do it unless it's a fine, sunny day though, and given today was heavily cloudy the prospect is 50-50 at best. We'll see tomorrow.

G'night for now though :)

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