Too many sweets

Football coaching cancelled this morning for all the Year 2's so having been excused my coaching duties and looking forward to a lie-in the 5.23 wake-up was not top of my list of desires.

A snooze followed, which, I think, makes the best kind of lie-in. You have to wake up to doze off again and appreciate that you can.

Porridge and scrambled eggs this morning justified by the present cold weather conditions. You need the energy, you see!

A walk down the Gloucester Road and then a trip to a great hardware store, of which, Bristol has a great many. Climbing up steps here, checking carefully labelled drawers there, all with magic, friendly service.

I walked home, stopping at Redland Station to take the picture above and the remainder of the series. I thought they livened up otherwise dull boarded up windows. Street art is a pretty creative force in Bristol.

My sister is giving my hair a good chop in a minute and then an afternoon spent painting lies ahead.

Hope you are all having a good weekend

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