Salt Pans

Out for an explore today - walking up the coast from St. Julians to a very odd place with a Water Fun Park & Swim With The Dolphins (But Not In Winter) Experience.

The coast walk was great - there was a bit of a storm last night and the sea was up, there were lots of lovely waves breaking over rocks. Alas my camera liked to show what happened just before the waves broke and what happened just after. Not actually at the point when stuff looked at it's best.

However, at the end of our hike we chanced on these Salt Pans just behind the Amazing Water Park. I love the shapes and the fact that they haven't been turned into yet another block of "Luxury" Flats.

Another nice day weather wise. About 20 C. It's soooo nice to be warm in the sunshine.

Hopefully tonight's restaurant will be better than last night's. When your waiter describes the House Special as "Pan seared and Oven baked", you know he's clueless. When the sauce he says will accompany your dish is completely different from what arrives.... Sigh and hope you can eat some of it. Bit of a first world problem I know.


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