Waterfoot Sunrise

By alasdairb

After The Rain

Its amazing the amount of stuff you collect in a house when you have lived in it for over 30 years. We thought we had cleared out most of it a few months ago before we put it on the market, but we were wrong. With a potential buyer lined up, we thought we should start to move or get rid of the remaining stuff. Ended up spending half the day emptying a few cupboards and making yet another visit to the dump.

Never mind, by early afternoon we were on the road to Carradale loaded up to the roof with as much stuff as the car would take. Hopefully, there isn't going to be too many more loads like this!

As we left the the heavy snow forecast for some parts of the country, was falling as torrential rain, which was with us all the way to Loch Fyne. While travelling I kept thinking that I didn't have a blip in the camera and, as the afternoon wore on, I realised I was running out of daylight. Fortunately, the clouds started to break as we reached Inveraray and my thoughts turned to the possibility of mabe a wee sunset at West Loch Tarbert. I kept watching the clouds as they got thicker again and the sun disappeared.

As we approached Tarbert the sun's colours started to appear against the clouds, and my hopes were once more raised. It was a dash down to the West Loch to catch the last rays from the sun as it disappeared over the horizon. After all the rain, the air was cool and clear and and the sound of Oystrercatchers and Curlews echoed across the still loch. I am beginning to love this spot for a sunset and reckon I could be back again, particularly as the Waterfoot sunrises get earlier!

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