Guinea Pig Zero

By gpzero

On The Mend

My dear friend A. is home from the hospital, where I visited & blipped the other day. Two new hip joints! She's good with bionic jokes these days. I told her I hope she ordered the Elvis model.

On the night before going in for surgery, off came the long blonde locks, to save trouble in washing it during the recovery period, but I think it was also her way of preparing for the difficult journey. In any case, the hair was donated to a wig makers's charity and will adorn the heads of people whose heads go bald in heavy cancer therapies and the like.

It's been just about two weeks since she went under the knife, but already she's home, able to climb those stairs with the help of that cane, and taking only Tylenol for pain control. It's amazing.

This is a brave and healthy lady!

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