Particles & Waves

By EdwardFenner

Zzzzz ! Zzz !! Zzzzzzz !!! Zzzzzz !!!! Zzz !!!!!

This is where I woke up this morning and what I was hooked up to. I was not at home but in a bed at a sleep clinic. It was not the best sleep I have had but therein lies the problem: quality sleep. A rare beast lately. I snore sometimes, have mild sleep apnea, and wake up with headaches too often. So, the good folks at the sleep lab wired me up and tucked me in.

Sleep - GOOD sleep - is essential to good health. The title above refers to the fitful sleep I had with regular interruptions last night which are indicative of the broken sleep at home. The new pillow-top mattress we invested in last year helped but it is not the full solution. Here's hoping they have some answers to what is going on when I shut my eyes to slumber. And here's hoping you are getting good sleeps.

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