Particles & Waves

By EdwardFenner

Aha! I have you now, Moriarty!

Actually, it is not the infamous Prof. Moriarty. It is a York University student that rides the same commuter train in the evenings as I do. Unfortunately, I do not know his name or what program he is studying but he is young, lanky, and wears a top hat. Yes, a top hat - usually accompanied by a long, dark coat and dark, small sunglasses for a really cool retro-effect. It's a funky style. My suspicion he's a theatre or film student of some kind. I never see him with an art portfolio but some students do their art electronically. I will approach him one of these days and ask. I do see him eyeballing my late 19th-century walking stick (which I have yet to blip) so that may be a way to start the conversation. I want to get a proper portrait of him to blip as well. I deliberately left this photo grainy and changed the tone to sepia to enhance the spooky effect.

As you can see, still no snow to speak of. It was +8C today and sunny. It should be -18C and snowy with about a metre or two of packed snow on the ground. Climate change is real. And scary.

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