A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


A respectable covering last night. Snow is rare here, and exceedingly chaos-causing as a consequence. The (now rather apposite) "Antarctic" concert last night was excellent; particularly the Vaughan Williams pieces. The tenor-sung poem was somewhat lost on me, being unintelligible.

S & J are making an igloo out the back - about 10 ft across. Not ones for doing things by halves...

-- Reblip --

Earlier watchers will have seen an arts'y pattern a bird's wings left in the snow. Different, but not what really reflects the day. (For accuracy, I'll reluctantly remove the comments relating to the original blip. Thanks for those.)

The day was largely occupied with house building. Having cleared the drive, paths, the neighbours drive, ... construction began on this humungous igloo. Friends brought in to help. Snow was packed into plastic crates as moulds for the blocks and assembled layer by layer. Remarkably stable even as the walls curved in, and the tricky bit of the roof.

Almost big enough to stand upright in.

It's late. Don't let that whiteness fool you, it's really very dark now...

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