Dull, foggy and drizzly and no sign of the snow from across the water. An unexpected lunch invitation to Sheila's but first we donned wellies and did a walk in the mizzle - Travellersjoy came too and I suspect she will post a very similar image. We wandered up little boreens at the side of the mountain and were viewed with interest by this snowy pair. Apparently their owner is obsessed with all things white, including her donkeys. We passed an interesting ruin, a little well with its own door and some early daffodils. Lunch was roasted veg and chicken for the carnivores.

Tomorrow I'm off to the reference library in Cork, doing a spot of research on the school. I have a microfiche thingy booked for the afternoon and a very helpful man making lots of suggestions. The main thing I'm going to be looking at is the Folklore collection. In 1938 all schools were asked to ask their children to interview their parents/friends about interesting things in their area - customs, ancient buildings, anecdotes etc. The result is a fascinating national collection. Apparently the returns for my school are over 100 pages!

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